Merci !

I purchased Edwige’s course to prepare for the interview for naturalisation. I had been searching for something more comprehensive than what was in the Livret de Citoyen (which is/was also very useful and specific for the interview).

Edwige’s course was the perfect addition! She gives more information and detail than what is in the Livret. In my opinion, it is critical knowledge for anyone who wants to be French. Also, knowing a bit more about certain subjects helps me remember/recall more them fully.

I enjoyed all of her videos and her e-book. I appreciated all of it, and I am glad it was all explained/presented in French too. (There are subtitles for those who need it. She also articulates and speaks slowly for those of us who are not completely fluent…) I believe this helps so much with specific vocabulary.

Lastly, she is very nice, helpful, and very responsive to any questions one may have!

I would highly recommend both her course with her e-book, and also her supplemental pamphlet with 180 questions for the interview. It is a great price- very affordable- and well worth the money!

Merci beaucoup, Edwige ! Your expertise has helped me, and many others gain more confidence and knowledge for this important step in our lives! Vive la France! 🇫🇷

Magda, on Google

Je suis très content d'avoir trouvé Edwige qui m'a beaucoup aidé à monter mes compétences sur la culture ,histoire, valeurs, devises etc de la France.
Elle est toujours à l'écoute pour toutes mes questions et ses réponses sont toujours très clair et précises.

Sumit, on Google


I was lucky enough to come across Edwige when I was preparing for an interview in order to become naturalised in France. Her module called "Les Principes et les Fondements de la République", which is available in video or ebook format, is extremely well done and is excellent value for money. I would recommend the video version which includes the ebook as it is well worth it. It gives all the details you need on the French motto, principles, symbols etc. She speaks slowly and clearly with subtitles which is perfect for those who need a little extra help understanding French. Her attention to detail is great and she gives tips for important things to consider for this part of the interview. Her blog, her newsletter " Un lundi=une question" and her instagram account are also very informative for preparing for the interview. Several days before my interview I did a mock interview with Edwige via Zoom which was very helpful and the feedback was invaluable. I would highly recommend Edwige and her services to anyone who is preparing a naturalisation interview or who wants to improve their French

Sue, on Google